David is the person who comes up with the strike and helps Jack find the right words to motivate the newsies to take part in the strike. He’s a pure being and deserves to be happy with his boyfriend Jack

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David is the oldest son of the Jacobs. He has a younger brother called Les and a sister called Sarah. His father breaks his arm while working in the factory, because of this injury he is unable to work. Since his father is unable to work David and Les become newsies to earn money for the family. David seems to get along quite well with his family.

The StrikeEdit

The day before Pulitzer raised the prices David and Les became newsies. David draws attention to himself when he tells Weasel that he gave him 19 papers instead of the 20 he payed for. This catches Jack's eye, him and David become selling partners much to David's dismay. That day he learns the golden rule to selling papers " Headlines don't sell papes Newsies sell papes". At first he finds it difficult to make up a headline but soon gets the hang of it. He also meets Medda and takes a liking to her immediately. The next day when they find they costs are raised David is the one to suggest they go on strike, Jack thinks this is a great idea even though David was only messing when he suggested it.

Jack Edit

David meets Jack when Jack literally runs into him. Later the same day, Jack proposes they become selling partners. As they work together, they grow a close bond, often hugging, grabbing each other's clothes or arms, casually resting hands on shoulders, etc. They have an extremely close friendship for two people who have not known each other very long. When Jack "scabs", David is the one who stands up to him, and when he does, the look on his face can be easily described as heartbroken. However, Jack saves David (in addition to Les and Sarah) and agrees to continue with the strike. It can be inferred that David holds romantic feelings for Jack, and vice versa, but, with pressure from the time period and Disney's requirement for male protagonists to end up with female love interests, Jack kisses Sarah at the end of the movie, Katherine at the end of the musical. Davey is sad because he is in love with Jack

In the end of it all he ends up with Jack and he's hella gay for Jack