Jack Kelly is the charismatic leader of the Manhattan Newsies and eventually becomes the face of the strike.

Early lifeEdit

Jack was born in 1881 making him 17 at the time of the strike. Although his birthplace is unknown, his father is in the state penitentiary, and his mother is deceased. The other newsies think his parents are in Santa Fe to find a home. He is known to have been to The Refuge, a jail for kids run by Snyder. Jack is also known to want to run from his past and go to Santa Fe. Jack is a dreamer, and it is also hinted at that he is gay.


Strike daysEdit

Jack created the idea of the strike at the age of 17 when the CEO of the huge newspaper (The World) (Andrew Pulitzer) raised the price of papers without notice. With a little bit of help from Spot Conlon, his intimidating Brooklyn ally, and the new newsie David, the newsies started the strike. He is offered a deal from Pulitzer to shut down this rally that the newsies are holding and receive money for his trip to Santa Fe. At first, he refuses, but when Pulitzer threatens to put the other newsboys in the Refuge, he accepts it. The enraged newsies start to hate Jack, thinking he betrayed them, but he saves David, Les and their sister Sarah from the Delancey brothers and they reunite. The newsies eventually win the strike. Jack is offered a chance to go to Santa Fe by the governor, but refuses in favor of staying with his newsie family, because he can't stay away from David.

Is he a real Newsie? Edit

No, Jack is not one of the original Newsies from 1899. His real name in the 1992 movie, “Francis Sullivan” was inspired by a real Newsie from the strike named Jack Sullivan. Also Jack wasn’t the original leader of the strike. A 18 year old Kid Blink was. Jack Sulllivan and Blind where gay for each other too.