Louis "Kid Blink" Ballatt is a one-eyed Manhattan newsie who is good friends with Mush and Racetrack.<p abp="480">The reason why Kid Blink is missing his left eye is unknown.

Strike DaysEdit

Kid Blink, along with other newsies. was at first unsure of striking without Brooklyns support. When Brooklyn joined, he fully supported the strike.

Newsie NameEdit

Kid Blink earned his nickname because he says he only had his own eye patch to cover his left eye socket until he finds his left eye.

He was actually blind in his left eye, which is the real reason for the eye patch.

Is he a real Newsie? Edit

Yes, he is! Kid Blink is based off of the leader of the 1899 strike. He was often quoted in his thick Brooklyn accent, but it was considered rude by the Newsies.

Who's he Shipped with? Edit

Mush (Blush)

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