Racetrack is a gambling, joke-cracking Manhattan newsie, close friends to Kid Blink and Mush. He also seems pretty close to Spot Conlon, the leader of Brooklyn. Then they have some weird deal about Race selling in Brooklyn.

Early lifeEdit

Racetrack is one of the older newsies in Manhattan, but no one really knows much of his past. He is considered second-in-command behind Jack.

Strike daysEdit

Like many, Racetrack supported the strike completely once Brooklyn declared themselves for it. He organized the rally at Irving Hall.

Newsie nameEdit

Racetrack's real name is Anthony Higgins, but he earned his newsie name from his love of gambling and how he always went down to Sheepshead Bay to bet on the races.


Racetrack Higgins is played by the actor Max Casella, age 24 at filming.

Relationships Edit

Kid Blink

Racetrack and Kid Blink are best friends, they also sleep in the same bunk bed.


Racetrack and Mush are close friends.


Skittery and Racetrack hate each other.


Racetrack and Spot are very close friends because Racetrack sells in Brooklyn

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