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Spot Conlon is the small, but mighty leader of the Brooklyn newsies, and is both greatly respected and feared by all the other boroughs. He best known for his signature pimp cane and red suspenders. ( the real life Spot actually wore pink suspenders) Spot is a snacc. (No, actually, Spot is a full course meal.)

Early lifeEdit

All that is known about Spot is that he was born in 1884 in Brooklyn, but is from Irish descent. His real name is Sean Conlon.

Summary Edit

Spot Conlon is the leader, or 'King', of the Brooklyn newsies (the toughest newsies) and another leader of the strike. He wears red suspenders, carries a stolen pimp cane and is a very good shot with a slingshot. He also wears a key around his neck, and while no one really knows why some say it's because he is, as David Jacobs puts it, the 'key' to winning the strike. He has a ton of Brooklyn pride and isn't afraid to show it. Spot also has 'birdies', or spies, for the newsie borough he runs (Brooklyn) that keep him informed about other happenings in other boroughs. This is how he knew about the strike before Jack Kelly, David Jacobs and Boots could come and ask for help.

While initially wanting to help the Manhattan newsies with their strike, Spot refuses to unless he knows they have what it takes to win. When they get trapped inside the newspaper distributor while raiding it he comes to their aid with his own Brooklyn newsies, now fully convinced that this is a cause for.

As for his personality, Spot is a toughened street rat with a loud temper but a good sense of loyalty and dedication. He is very logical and a bit of a smart mouth. He tends to be very cautious when it comes down to trusting others- He's not easily fooled. When his trust is finally earned, he is fiercely loyal. He is aggressive, so if you betray him, it will be hard to earn his trust back. He stays with the strike throughout the ups and downs and even rallies the rest of the working kids of New York City behind him during the huge rally in the square. No one but a few really know him and are friends with him, partially due to being scared or intimidated by his power, strength and looks. He is fearless and stable.

Strike daysEdit

At first, Spot was hesitant to join the Manhattan newsies in the strike, knowing that if they weren't serious and determined, they wouldn't pull through. But he was eventually convinced of their persistence and heroically rescued them in their time of need. He was essential to the success of the strike, and is mentioned to be the "key" in the other boroughs joining. Near the end of the movie Spot is seen leading all of the Brooklyn newsies and working children of Brooklyn.

Theories Edit

  • Spot wears a key around his neck because his is the "key" to winning the strike

(He is the boyfriend of Racetrack Higgins)

In the song Carrying the Banner, a woman named Patrick's Mother sings a solo. It is a well theory that Spot is Patrick. As Spot’s real name is Sean Patrick Conlon.